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Ahuva Ozeri- Tziltzulei pa’amonim (1999)

Tziltzulei pa’amonim-Clock chimes
betoch libi mehad’hedim-echo in my heart
al em haderech bi pogesh-on the road meeting me
libi homeh umit’ragesh-my heart is humming and excited
odeni kan lema’anech-I’m still here for you

D’mutech holechet umit’racheket-Your image walks and becomes distant
kan ani el mul beitech-here I am in front of your house

Einai zalgu dma’ot shel osher-My eyes drew tears of joy
chayay hayu yamim shel boser-my life as days of unripe fruit

Hayinu yachad zug t’mimim-We were together a naive couple
k’tzat shovavim, me’at shonim-a bit naughty, a bit different
chiyuch, gumah, bo’er bi esh-smile, dimple, a fire burns in me
melatef k’tzat, mit’bayesh-a fondle a bit, I’m shy
holech hadam, hazman cholef-the blood goes, the time passes

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