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South of no north – Silver Rain

Noone talks-grey sounds out of lips Scalding tears-cracks the moon like glass

No morning stars will come out tonight my friend Lets make love in white roses and red wine

Look at the people running in the streets trying to catch a bus

Look at the cherry girls they dance so pretty, they don’t know they dance

Look at the mirrors lying for the smile that people use to wear

Hear at the angry voices they all shout but they are tied to the ground

So beg the sky to rain..

Oh silver rain come clear us All the anger and the sadness take away

To see the sky s colour make its play We haven’t seen so much

We are too young to die Lets stretch our faces up to the sky

To feel the silver rain

Look at the little children they still believe in making friends

Ignore the grown-men they think they know but they can be your end

Imagine all the flowers-white roses and more pretty than ever

The angels cannot  die they may rest but they will show up one day

So beg the sky to rain…


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